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Casale Rodi

Farm holiday Casale Rodi a
Farm holiday in Gubbio s

Farm holiday Casale Rodi is located about 4 kilometers far from the old medieval town of Gubbio. The farm holiday is sorrounded by nature in the countryside of Gubbio. The farm holiday is composed of three finely restored structures with stone and wood that magnifies the farm holiday's rustic style.

The name “Casale Rodi” come from the word “Rodi”, the name by wich the place was identified in the past. The former landowner, after a holiday in Greece, wanted to identify his farmhouses with the names of the Greek Islands he loved. His favorite island was Rodi, and that's why “Rodi” is the name of the farm holiday.

l Farm holiday in Gubbio
e “The Forno” apartment entrance

The farm holiday strategic position allows you to enjoy beautiful relaxing days sorrounded by nature, but at the same time you can also get the old town of Gubbio (and the others important cities as like as Assisi and Perugia) by car in a few minutes.

Our guests can enjoy guided mountain-bike excursions and beautiful walks. They will have the opportunity to play football, ping-pong and bowls, and it is also possible to have a barbecue in designated areas. In our farm holiday you can also accomodate animals, because we love them!




The city of Gubbio every year receives a lot of tourists from all over the world. They visit the medieval old twon and they enjoy all the beautiful events scheduled during the year, as well as Festa dei Ceri, Palio della Balestra and (from december to january) the biggest Christmas Tree of the world.

Among the most important monuments, there is the gothic Palazzo dei Consoli, built in the XIV century. Palazzo dei Consoli host the Civic Museum and the Tavole Eugubine.
You also have to visit the Roma Theatre (just outside the old town of Gubbio), the Basilica of Saint Ubaldo (in wich you can see the incorrupt body of Saint Ubaldo), the Cathedral and the Saint Francis church.

o Festa dei Ceri
d Holy Friday Procession

Among the events, the most important is the Festa dei Ceri, wich take place every year on May 15th in honor of Gubbio's Patron Saint Ubaldo. The Ceri are three wooden structures carried on the shoulders by the “ceraioli” during the race. At the top of the wooden structures are fixed three little stautes who represent Saint Ubaldo, Saint George and Saint Anthony.
Other events to enjoy are the Palio della Balestra, the Holy Friday Procession and the biggest Christmas Tree of the world.

biggest Christmas Tree of the world